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a woman snaps, packs her car, Grabs her dog and starts driving.


the 19th RIDE will be a feature length movie shot in an improvised and minimalist fashion without a script, casting while in transit and filmed in stark beautiful black and white with music to suit.  Filming in eleven different states. 

Genres:  Dark Comedy, Experimental, Black and White, Silent, Niche, Independent, Arthouse

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"Driver" played by Mare Costello

"Driver" played by Mare Costello

"Dog" played by Skittles

"Dog" played by Skittles


The World May Be Shutdown but the Road is Always Open.  Like many, our “Driver” played by Mare Costello, is in the middle of nowhere and somewhere fumbling through each day since March 6th when her life and so many others began to unravel because of a microscopic killer and a country divided with no real leader.  Our journey begins in St. Ignace, MI where our driver's anguish makes living in her own skin unbearable.  Out of sheer frustration she makes a snap decision that catapults her on a cross country ride with her Terrier mix rescue dog “Dog,” played by newcomer Skittles.  The driver’s hopelessness and anxiety are slowly drawn out the further and further they enter the  bigness of the American landscape.

our progress 06.07.2021

  • Our pre - production needs have been met. 
  • More than half of the film has been shot. 
  • We have been editing the entire time to make sure the movie is completed in a timely fashion. 
  • Currently, we need funds to finish filming, post production and finalizing a distribution method so we can get this epic in front of you. 

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