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An interview is about to take place in an undisclosed warehouse in Detroit with one of the most important artists of our time. What we don't really know, but are about to find out is, our dear and more often then not, self-obsessed Syriana, is struggling through a terrible break up. On the verge of emotional exhaustion she fights to stay focused on her creative genius and all the duties someone of her monumental stature are responsible for: making ground breaking music, continuing to create new dance moves, loving her fans, being a maverick of fashion trends, making sure her performance instrument is sharp, and of course, not loosing sight of her own heart.  Her team of spiritual giants must guide and inspire her to move on, push through and shine like the brilliant star that she is.  

Can the interviewer Tony Styles, an old close friend, expose more than just her early days and rise to fame or must he trick her into dealing with the dark feelings of love lost? Her fans are waiting.  "Everyone wants to know.  What is going on with Syriana Tate?"

"Everyone wants to know, what is going on with syriana tate?"

Her team of spiritual giants must guide and inspire her to move on

Syriana Tate's DJ Style, Performance Art and musical prowess was drawn from the Detroit Techno Scene.  Her teen years in this culture became a critical part of her creative upbringing and gave her the necessary street smarts to "make it happen" in Detroit and the world!

The Techno Diva Process

What is "Techno?"