Whether it’s traveling from Michigan to California or New York Mare Costello AKA #mareloves is being inspired by the many faces during her travels and she is always feeling something.  "The ability to express emotion is important and doing it in a way that does not harm others is most important.  To then create something that came from warmth or anger or humor, which gives another pleasure, is the ultimate goal for an Artist.  I've been saying for a while, if you don't feel love, please know that Mare Loves U."  The drawings that come out of these feelings are usually captured on disposable materials, such as, paper coffee cups, napkins, receipts or a place mate and then left to be discovered.    

“There is something special about impermanence.  The drawing may have come from my head, heart and hand but it doesn’t actually belong to me after it hits the paper.   The ones I keep are sometimes random; sometimes precious.  Those are the ones I make the final pieces with in acrylic or oil.” 

The artist's love of nature and photography began as a child.  This has fueled and guided her works, as well as, her vinyl djing throughout the years.  The travels across the U.S. have given this Artist a wealth of images to work with which is now her new terrain.

#marelovesu realizes that there is a lot of “stuff” on our planet that isn’t being made and thrown away.  Why not use as much recycled/re-purposed/up-cycled materials as possible while maintaining quality, freshness and be more selective when creating final works.   

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#marelovesu on record covers