The impacts of Covid have continued to impact my life, as it continues with others. Possibly with you too? Originally from Michigan, I came back from California at the end of 2019 to help my mother while we waited out what turned into a pandemic. Like many of us, I had time to think about what was essential. Surrounded by Artwork stored in our basement for decades I slowly started to see the value of it all once again.   As the months past and my life was turned upside down, as the sole person to care for my mother, I began realizing that my plans in Los Angles as a working actor, budding filmmaker with a lifetime of Visual Arts experience needed to be modified and in fact I was going to have to commit to mom in Michigan until we knew more.

It's with that understanding and new determination that the idea to bring a modern creative space to a Detroit Suburb materialized.  I began upgrading the basement into a professional space called "SUBTERRANEAN," which now includes a gallery, the studio, a 20 seat experimental theatre and a gift shop.  Open 7 days a week by appointment with special events.

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#marelovesu Drawings & Paintings Show

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This new creative space, SUBTERRANEAN, welcomes you to the #marelovesu Drawings & Paintings show.

Whether it’s traveling from Michigan to California or New York Mare Costello AKA #marelovesu is continually inspired by the many faces during her travels and she is always feeling something.

"The ability to express emotion is important and doing it in a way that doesn't harm others is most important to me. To create something that comes from warmth, humor or anxiety and even anger, which, gives another pleasure is the ultimate goal for me as an Artist. I've been saying for a while, if you don't feel loved, please know that #marelovesu." Mare Costello

The drawings that come out of these feelings are usually captured on disposable materials, such as, paper coffee cups, napkins, receipts or a place mate and then left to be discovered. This show makes available all the images #marelovesu felt moved to make more permanent on re-purposed materials.

Plan your visit by setting an appointment via - 7 Days a week from 12PM - 8PM (accommodations for other times possible)


*more about the #marelovesu philosophy and works here

This is an experiment

The goal is to make this space a vibrant place for not only myself but for future collaborations, whether, it's a short movie, experimental performance, music, poetry or TBD SUBTERRANEAN is a creative space to give folks opportunities to communicate our visions.